Custom Hogwarts-Persona BUST Illustration *LIMITED SPOTS*

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Custom Hogwarts-Persona BUST Illustration *LIMITED SPOTS*

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Have you been waiting for you Hogwarts letter since you were 11? Me too. But, now you've got it! What's your Hogwarts-Persona going to look like? Let me draw it for you ! PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOW BUSTS! That way, I can make you, your familiar / book / patronus far more detailed!


The base illustration is your character, holding your wand and book, in school robes and house colors of your choice! (if you want more than one character, please message me for a custom listing!)

From there, you can, if you want, add your patronus or your familiar or both! Please keep in mind, that in keeping with Hogwarts rules, you're allowed a cat, owl, toad or rat as your familiar. Your Patronus can be any animal you choose (or if you have one assigned by Pottermore, that's fine too!)

All you need to do is select which option you'd like, add to cart and in the comments section please tell me which house you want to be placed in, if you have a specific request for your book / familiar / patronus (or anything else I need to know!) PLEASE MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS, as this is how I will contact you for reference photos of you / whoever you are having me draw!

Spots are super limited and will be done in the order they are placed :)

Let me know if you have questions!

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