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This week, I'm excited to introduce The Darling Times (on the blog)! Last year, I attempted to do this via a bi-monthly Sunday newsletter, buttttt.... I just don't like sending emails ;) So now we are moving this little project over to the blog & I'm really excited to show you some fun new things I'm trying, reading, finding & a great little coffee chat with the fabulous Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed. So grab your morning cup of coffee or tea & let's do this thing, darling. 


  • breathe: this is my go-to for meditation apps right now. They have quite a few guided meditations for free but I ended up loving it so much that I now pay $5 a month for allll the meditations. (It also helps keep me accountable in actually using the app. I HATE wasting money.)
  • polarr: this app, besides VSCO Cam, has been my favorite photo editing app for a while. It does a lot of the stuff that I can do in Photoshop & allows me to batch edit if I'd like. 
  • forest:  There's a distinct possibility that I've mentioned this app before, especially if you know me in person. I LOVE this app. Basically, you set a timer for how long you want to focus. The entire time you don't switch tasks, you're growing a tree. If you leave the app to mess around on Facebook, Instagram or whatever, you kill the tree. Which, when you grow a certain number of trees in the app, you earn points that plant REAL trees. And that's the coolest motivation for me to just finish answering my emails. 
  • shapr: I have only JUST started using this app. But so far, I think it's a pretty cool idea. Basically, it's like what LinkedIn SHOULD have been & a swipe left, swipe right app platform. You create a profile, tell the app what your interests are, what you're looking for (like mentor, work projects, etc.) and what industry you work in and then it helps you connect with people. I'll report back soon on how it's been after a couple weeks, but for now, check it out. 


  • Why No One Is Buying Your Shit | This article is a really interesting read. If you ever feel like "man, why isn't this thing selling better?" I suggest you give this a look. 
  •  How Morning Pages are Changing My Life | I can honestly say this has been pretty life changing for me. I don't do them daily, but it's definitely something I'm working on. Each time I do them, they help so, so much. 
  •  Manifesting 101 | I told you guys, I've gone pretty woo-woo. Expect more and more manifesting, etc. stuff from me. 
  •  How to Optimize Old Blog Posts & Use an Editorial Calendar | Why write a blog post and then just let it fade away after one week or a month? Nah. Let's keep those babies keep on keeping. 
  •  How I Use My Smart Phone as a Freelancer | When I broke my writing & drawing hand, I was so thankful I had figured out how to primarily run my business from my phone (and pretty much one handed too!) -- but otherwise, tips for on the go, busy freelancers. 


Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed  is a 27-year-old beauty blogger and youtuber currently living in the midwest. She runs a blog for modern day girls obsessed with beauty, blogging, and living a beautiful life. And honestly, Mandy is one of those hardworking, insanely kind humans that you can't help but cheer on from the side lines. So I was really excited to ask her a couple questions over coffee...

What's your most recent project that you're really proud of? 

I just recently completed my second ebook! So recent, in fact, that I haven't even announced it on my blog yet. So, you guys get to find out first! :) The ebook is called Blogging 365, and it contains a year's worth of blog post ideas broken down into different categories like Beauty, Fashion, Travel, etc. It's a project I've been working on for the past several months, and I'm so happy to have it completed.

What keeps you inspired to keep creating? What helps you keep going? 

I guess the source of my drive to keep creating is the fact that I'm very much a workaholic. This may sound like a bad thing, but I absolutely love it. I constantly have the need to be working on something, even to the point where I dream about different projects on my to-do list. Usually when I'm watching a movie or binge-watching something on Netflix, I have to be doing something else like answering emails, editing photos, or writing my next post. I just enjoy work, and it's a good thing too since being self-employed calls for hours upon hours of hustle.

What advice would you give yourself when you were just starting out?

I have two pieces of advice that I think are crucial for someone just starting out - be intentional with your decisions, and know who you are. Things change and you'll need to be able to adapt as you go, but you don't want to lose yourself in the process. 

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