15 Ways to Take Some Time Off + a challenge

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Taking a day off is hard. Especially when we consider how many different roles we each have. Myself? I run two businesses, I have a part time job, I try to have a healthy relationship with my loved ones. But there are some of you who have these roles, plus having children of your own or going to school or all of the above! (Hats off to you, dear ones!) 

So I've often found myself feeling guilty when taking the day off, or even just sleeping in! And on the days or moments when I've allowed myself a break, I sometimes really just don't know how to take a break. But, I've made it a constant study and exercise for myself over the past 6+ months and I think I've finally figured some easy ways out. 

The first rule? Schedule time off. 

I work for myself Monday - Thursday and have a part time job Friday - Sunday.  

Monday's, I've set aside most of (if not all) the day to resting. I won't set an alarm on my phone to wake up, just letting my body get as much (or as little!) sleep as it's needing. Then I'll tackle some of the ideas listed below.  

However, sometimes, you finish up your work for the day or suddenly find your other obligations are canceled or met. What do you do? Take advantage of unplanned time off.  

This past Sunday, I was randomly not scheduled for my part time job. So what did I do? Celebrated and spent the day with loved ones. These surprise moments are my favorites and I fully believe it's important to cherish them, rather than fill them with more work.  

Now that we know when to take time off, let's look at a few examples of how to take time off: 

A whole day: 

+ go to the park & have a picnic (when was the last time you spent time outside?)

+ read a book. a whole book, half a book, a few chapters or pages. Just read. 

+ watch a whole season of something on Netflix or have a movie marathon 

+ pamper yourself! go to the spa or make a spa day at home

+ go on an adventure, maybe try something new or just explore your neighborhood! 

+ head out to your local library and learn something new. Maybe take a notebook or sketchbook instead of a laptop or iPad. 

A little extra time: 

+ pull out your yoga mat or take a barre class! 

+ go for ice cream or frozen yogurt or a coffee with a friend you haven't seen in a while 

+ again, read a book or catch up on your shows or movies

+ do a quick pamper! give yourself a mani or pedi or facial 

+ take a really long bath, listen to some music, candles, all the goodies! 

+ draw or paint or journal something 

+ go for a walk

+ write a letter or call your mother (or whoever) 

+ go for a long drive

This week, I challenge you to schedule some time off and pick one of these to tackle. It can be as simple as journaling or getting more sleep OR it can be as eventful as you'd like! 

Make sure to take a photo of you doing something to take time off and use #DarlingSelfLove to share it with us all on Instagram! I'll be sharing some of these in the next post & over on Instagram

Rest well, friends! Xx