my number one productivity hack


Recently, I retook the Myers-Briggs personality test and ended up with ENFP. No one who knows me at all is in any way surprised by this information, of course. But it did give me a chance to reexamine what makes me tick & how to work with my strengths and what areas of growth I can focus on. One of those areas of improvement is a weakness that most ENFPs suffer from: poor practical skills. Meaning, I'm brilliant on the coming up with new ideas, starting new projects and getting other people pumped up on these ideas and projects. What I'm not-so-brilliant at? General upkeep and follow-through on these projects and ideas. A total bummer for a business owner, right? 

Even if you're not an ENFP, there's a distinct possibility that if you're reading this post you are the same way. So what do we do to push our brilliant ideas forward and make sure they don't just stay perpetually in the planning stages? 

Sit on that idea. 

Ideally, we would surround ourselves with a team of those wonderful folks who's strength is follow-through, but if you're a one-babe team? Then this is something I highly recommend to keep you from jumping around, continually distracted with all of the amazing ideas and businesses and stuff and things that float around in your heads. Sit on that idea. 

Well, how the hell does that help us get those ideas out into the world, Zie? This really doesn't sound helpful at all. 

I'm a firm believer in things that are important will linger. So if this amazing new idea pops into my head, I'll do one of two things: 1. I'll write it down in my Trello board dedicated to long-term-future-planning or 2. I'll mentally bookmark the idea. Which, as a person with loads and loads of new ideas (on top of the fact that I'm quite forgetful) makes this sound like a terrible, awful idea. When in reality, I think it's been one of the most helpful things I've done for myself and my business. 

Because I usually come up with at least one new idea daily for a new direction my career could take, a new product, a new project or a better way I could reinvent something I'm already half way through with--- it's vital that I forget the things that aren't important. So for instance, I'm in the middle of launching a personal project. And this project (I promise I'll share more on that soon!) is quite a large undertaking but I naturally want to keep adding and fixing and changing things, which would make the launch of the project months and months longer than needed, and that's IF I ever got the damn thing done. (Because let's not even start talking about how many projects I have drafted and spent dozens and dozens of hours on, that will never see the light of day.) So I quietly shake those new ideas aside, focus on the task I already set for myself and if one of those new ideas ends up being important, I'll remember them later. 

Because that's the key to this: what's important? 

I love the saying "you can do ANYthing you want, but not EVERYthing." So make sure you are doing the work that makes you nervous, that makes your heart stutter and gets your blood going. Do the things that keep you awake at night and burst from each cell in your body. Do the things that are genuinely, inexplicably important and vital to you. 

And trust me, those things-- they're impossible to forget. 

So sit on that new idea, my dear, and focus on what you're already doing. Then, later come back to that thing that makes your heart stutter. 

Do you suffer from this lack of follow-through like I do? I would love to hear how you have overcome it & been more productive? Either comment below or pop over to Instagram & let's chat.