Why I've Put My Planner Away & Started Mono-Tasking

ziedarling.com | Why I've put my planner away & started mono-tasking

I wanted to talk with you babes today about one of the most surprisingly helpful things I've done to help me de-stress and feel a little more focused: putting away my planner.

Which, if you're aware, I own a stationery + planner shop (itspaperdear.com) with my mom, so that may seem like kind of a stupid move on my part. However, when I say "put my planner away" I'm talking about the micro-planning my entire day with alerts on my phone, with calendar and weekly views in my planner, etc. 

At one point, I had my entire month planned out down to the hour.  

And that eventually completely burned me out & became far too overwhelming. I've become a person who works best with small lists and going more with the flow. At least for the last few months. I just can't focus on anything larger than a day and week at a time, honestly.  

I've instead switched over (temporarily) to planning only one day at a time. 

For now, though, I'm using loose paper and a plain notebook in my binder just to write mini-to do lists and highlighting the items I get done rather than crossing them off. I'm not 100% why that seems to be helping, but it does. Maybe that has to do with it being a much prettier option? There's some science in there somewhere, I'm sure.  

I still track appointments and meetings that HAVE to happen each week, but I'm focusing on smaller chunks of time and it's been helping me so much. 

Alongside simplifying my plans, mono-tasking has been a huge relief. I have been, for years, one of those people who thought multitasking was the way to be successful and productive. However, there have been quite a few podcasts, books, videos & articles surfacing around that say otherwise. (The whole thing is worth a good Google search, honestly!) And actually, I find that I'm hugely supportive of the idea. 

It seems and sounds counterintuitive for someone like me at least. If you're only working on one thing at a time, how the heck would that help you get things done faster and more effectively? Because you're putting all of your energy and focus into one thing before moving on and trying to do a million more things, it's actually crazy how much better you can work like this. 

I highly recommend giving it a try or at least looking into the idea a bit more. 

And those few things are some of the most helpful things for de-stressing and keeping that stress off. Slim your focus down and really sink your teeth into one thing at a time. You'll be surprised how much it helps. 

Do you have any tips for focusing and de-stressing? Have you tried monotasking vs. multitasking or have an opinion on either? I'd love to hear your thoughts! xo