Beauty Essentials for the Busy Babe | beauty essentials for the busy babe

Sometimes, when you're in a hurry, you think "meh, I'm just not going to wear makeup or do my hair today" and then you walk out of the house. Which, is totally fine. No shame here. 

But sometimes, by like lunch time, you've had a moment to slow down and that morning I WOKE UP LIKE THIS confidence hits the tank and suddenly you're wishing you'd spent a little more time in front of the mirror this morning. 

Here are my favorite quick, easy and essential beauty grabs that you can do in the morning or just whenever throughout the day: 

  • Moisturizer: I don't care what type of skin you have, adding just a bit of moisturizer (even if it's a mattifying type!!) can do wonders for how you feel either that morning or for that mid-day slump. There's just something magical about moisturizer that always makes me feel like I'm ready to take on the world. Also, bonus points if your moisturizer has caffeine as a main ingredient. 
    Also: didn't wash your face this morning? Use a cleansing lotion. Two birds, one stone. 
  • Concealer or light coverage foundation: I can't be bothered with anything more than this, honestly. Like I can count the number of times I've used highlighter this year on one hand. And bronzer? Like what the hell are you even supposed to do with that? 
  • Brows: Between you and me, I pretty much would rather die than leave the house sans eyebrows done. Like, I will forgo all other makeup and walk out in my pjs that I've been wearing three days as long as my eyebrows look sharp. 
  • Mascara OR a quick eyelash curl: I am naturally a dark brunette (I know you're shocked) but my eyelashes are quite pale, so for me, mascara is a quick fix to make my eyes pop and look just a little more put together. Also, I totally use the end of the wand to really get the mascara tight against my lid, which gives the appearance of a tightly-lined eyeliner situation. And for those of you blessed with dark lashes (or those who can't be bothered with mascara) just keeping a small eyelash curler in your desk is more than enough to freshen up. 
  • Lipstick: Not lipgloss. Not that I have anything against lipgloss (mostly), but lipstick is one of those magical products that can be used on your lips (obviously) but also on your cheeks if you're feeling a little washed out. I usually will add a tiny little small smudge onto my fingers and then blend it into my cheeks. Then *POOF* I look marginally less-dead. 
  • Bobby Pins: Obviously most people would say a hair tie so you can suddenly make a chic top-knot, but not this girl. Bobby pins have the ability to create the chic top-knot OR literally any other hairstyle. Want to do cute milkmaid braids? Bobby pins. Messy chignon? Bobby pins. Just get your un-styled bangs out of your face? Bobby pins. See where I'm going with this? Bobby pins. 
  • Moisturizing wet wipes: There is a distinct possibility that I didn't shower today. And around 2 pm, I begin to regret that decision cause I just feel meh + icky. My solution? Those moisturizing wet wipes that leave my skin feeling a little more fresh, but aren't going to dry me out. (see: moisturizing is important, people!)

And that's it! I told you it's a quick list. Do you have a different beauty essential you'd include? Lemme know in the comments OR tell me over on Instagram | beauty essentials for the busy babe
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