my number one productivity hack

Recently, I retook the Myers-Briggs personality test and ended up with ENFP. No one who knows me at all is in any way surprised by this information, of course. But it did give me a chance to reexamine what makes me tick & how to work with my strengths and what areas of growth I can focus on. One of those areas of improvement is a weakness that most ENFPs suffer from: poor practical skills. Meaning, I'm brilliant on the coming up with new ideas, starting new projects and getting other people pumped up on these ideas and projects. What I'm not-so-brilliant at? General upkeep and follow-through on these projects and ideas. A total bummer for a business owner, right? 

TDT // the first of many

This week, I'm excited to introduce The Darling Times (on the blog)! Last year, I attempted to do this via a bi-monthly Sunday newsletter, buttttt.... I just don't like sending emails ;) So now we are moving this little project over to the blog & I'm really excited to show you some fun new things I'm trying, reading, finding & a great little coffee chat with the fabulous Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed. So grab your morning cup of coffee or tea & let's do this thing, darling. 

my thoughts on having + creating a vision board

I used to have a very shallow view of what  "vision boards" could be / were. If I thought of them at all, it was in a way that boiled down to "pretty pictures on a Pinterest Board" or " sexy color palettes and typography, etc. that you pin to the wall above your desk".  Recently, however, I have found myself on a journey of Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifesting-- meaning, in short, I've gone a bit woo-woo and "vision boards" mean something completely different to me now. 

I'm completely redoing Zie Darling as a brand. Here's why:

This may be a bit of a long post, so grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine & let's chat. 

No, this isn't click-bait. I really am completely changing up the brand. When I first started this blog (way back in 2011?) it started as a personal blog filled with my style posts, things I thought were interesting, work I was creating in art college and my personal work as a budding artist.